Monday, November 27, 2006

have you ever been hit in chest with a baseball bat

well i have, ya i was 12 and i was in a fight with a kid then he hit me in the chest with a bat, it hurt for awhile. my rib was cracked.

i think prime rib cracked a rib, the other day at the wheeler farm. since you know trees are hard and they dont move.

try to laugh, cough, sneeze or jump a curb and it doesnt feel too good. so sager knows about cracked ribs and broken tail bones.

he likes to skate it up with bros in pc.
smash ipods and break bones.

so i know how it feels, its a dull pain in ass, like floyds bad hip. aches and pains. over the hill at 33.

i should call up climb um and bz and join the pro tour. oh ya and i think wells is into the gay sport as well, oh ya and barts little brother likes it a lot now too.


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Anonymous said...

Hey, I turned 33 this year too so don't go spreading rumors that we're old men now! Life is just getting started. This past weekend I was hanging with my grandpa who is 89. Seeing all that he can still do I'm not even sure if I'd say that he was old yet.