Wednesday, November 15, 2006

sunny and cold

im sellin these for $3 each, i have about 90 of them so if you want some email me.

thats the rockstar gettin it on
holy shit mtn man ATRAIN, looks like hell

i was up before the sunrise. it was cold. i had shorts on. i went outside and froze my ass off for 4 mins then went back to bed.

im taking the cx bike to san fran. well i better since i will need it sunday.
im going to crush some dirty messengers in the city friday, and saturday night. ride up lombard and work them over on the gay fixies.

god damn fixies are stupid. really come on now, riding in traffic with no free wheel or brakes. death wish, come smash me bus, please hit me, crush my skull into the pavement.

f-ing retards.

las vegas was built on my broken dreams. i win 100 bucks then think, ya its my day. then they fleece me for 200, i leave in shattered memories.
bart and atrain say give me the cash, then i will kick you in the balls instead.

dear friends, they always care for the best of me.


flahute said...

Fixies are not stupid ... they really do give you a better feel for the road, and smooth out your pedalling stroke.

Just put a front brake on them before taking them out on the road. Fixies without brakes in traffic are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, a myth to dispell. Fixies do not smooth out your pedalling stroke. I rode one all winter throughout my formative years. Check me out sometime... not smooth!!

I also started riding rollers at age 7, so don't even try to pull that one.

Still, fixies rule because they rule. They are way fun. Brakes are a good idea though.

Anonymous said...

That was me.

slyfox said...

fixies are gay in traffic hows that for clarity