Monday, November 13, 2006

rollin deep in the 520

im a machine, drove back 11 hrs straight. p-town to slc. got back at 2am. busy catchin up and the like. gots to get paid.

towin a trailer loaded and with minimal stops helps the time fly but by no means was i going fast.

its just the steady pace of keeping it rolling. no down time, no drive switches, just me the and road.

before i left the warm sunny weather in got in 2.5 hrs. it wasnt long enough but it was nice before the long drive.

saturday night i was in tempe. all the hotels were sold out so i was left in the back of the van with the 100 new jerseys and the hard floor.

saved me $150 anyway. i wasted an hour at 11pm driving around looking for a room but they were booked.

oh well, it was an adventure.

and i found this sweet dirt road on the back side of south mtn.

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