Saturday, November 25, 2006

the mop is gone

you prolly already know this, yes i just said prolly.

i thought it was a joke at first, but its not. he will be dearly misssed on the www. but i have a feeling he is the broom.

maybe today he will come to wheeler farm and be in the bushes taking pictures of sly layin the smack down and clearing 2 foot high barriers stacked 3 deep on hill sides and chicanes.

yes i will be laying it down today, whether that means me or the ass woopins is yet to be seen.

i hope one day to meet the mop, if its in person or seeing him up in a tree with a camera yelling
"keep fighting fox"

ya good times in the 801

im off to ride in sunny cold air.

good day

1 comment:

The Mop said...

Tks Buddy, Keep fighing!!