Saturday, November 18, 2006

cannondale sounds like mormon dale

dale tries the best magnum pose i have seen lately.

i just got back from cali. i spent the better part of the day in the drivers seat hauling ass. i just did 1500 miles in 42 hrs. i dont stop much, i had a nap on the sierra summit.

there is no snow up there.

its dusty and looks good for shredding trails.

this guy had about 50 of these old crappy bikes for $500 to $2000 each. i asked him where he got them.

in france this summer at garage sales. the are supposed to be collectors and nice, but they look like hell. he said it cost 6 grand to ship them all back over here in a sea crate.

i wouldnt buy one for $20.

check it out

if atrain doesnt get a girl friend soon i found a tall gay dude in san fran for him. plus there are lots of fags down at the depot tonight for him.

come down and score, if he can you can too

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