Wednesday, November 01, 2006

time to go.....perfect timing next week

ATRAIN tells me hes going to gwar with dave z. so heres his new gwar cx racing kit. compliments of young wesley.

dilemma.. racing state cx at wheeler is next week, but im going to tucson for a bike swap. i cant miss it. its a good one. bad timing, and timing is everything. ask the mistress. too early and its a big HELL NO. wait too long and you missed the boat. hmmmmm

so im around this weekend and the race is on sunday??? why, why, why??

slowran comes through with flying colors on that one. now if next week it was on sunday i could fly back and get my ass kicked but i guess that aint hapnin

next week on thursday im driving to tucson for 3 days of fun in the sun. i hope it snows and rains on all of you that weekend. so you can race or ride in shit. yaa

ATRAIN will like that, he will have the fun meter pegged i guess. i have to work on my tan instead.

time to go, lets go, roll it out. stick it and kill it. put a fork in it yaaaaaaa you get the idea.

since it isnt raining i might do 5 hrs today. but then again maybe not.

i wonder if tbird and pockets started training today? 5 hrs of base. its november. time to go.


A-Train said...

no Gwar for me, gots to go crack some skulls in Boulder. Bad timing for Gwar I guess.

A-Train The Mighty

Anonymous said...

A big 3 hours today replete with a wipe-out on the ice at the top of City Creek and this chick on an MTB saw it all and snickered. I'm worked.
Bruised but ubowed