Tuesday, November 21, 2006

some people dont get it

now from time to time i post these kind of stories and some times these people email me, they say "hey take it easy on so and so" or they might get offended thinking im talking straight to them.

if you take it that way thats up to you. this is for me, not intended for anyone directly. if i have something to tell you i will do just that. not using this blog to piss anyone off.

so here is a list of stuff im glad to make.
instead of complaining about trivial crap im pissed about, here is a list of good things.

these are in no special order, they come to me and i write it down.

1-i dont have to get up and go to work everyday.
punching a clock for me sucks big time
2-i have working legs and arms, i can ride or do anything physical i want.
im not paralyzed or in a wheel chair.
3-im not blind or deaf.
4-i can go anywhere i want when i want, im not locked up in jail. (yet)
5-im pretty good at riding a bike and its fun most of the time. at least i dont suck at it.
6-most people like me and are pretty cool and nice, they help me out when i ask for it.
7-being healthy and eating pretty much what i want. no allergies, no disease, no sickness, no colds, no flu.
understanding what my body needs and giving it that, not being strict but not over doing it.
riding, training just enough for gains and not over training. cokes and krispy kremes included.
8-i know lots of girls but this one in particular, i wont say her name but she is fun, smart, rare, etc. and im glad i know her.
thats all for now, its not much but its a start.

next time you feel like crap look and see what you have, its most than a lot of others and i bet you are pretty much spoiled so dont get down on trivial crap.

dont be sad if i didnt write you down, i have a big list but its personal and i dont want to write it all down right now.
you know who you are.

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Gary said...

That #7 is enough to be thankful for by its self.
Thanks Ok more avocadoes and spinach for.