Saturday, November 04, 2006

sleeping and haircuts

thank you, but no.
this IS NOT me.

in the last 2 days i have been real lazy. the 2 days before that i killed it. well i got some riding in but thats about it. 2 hr naps and sleeping 10 hrs at night plus. today i wasted the whole day doing nothing. im hungry again and so im goin to the mav for some 2 pounds of family mix.

i moved a bunch of crap out of my office and into my house. now i dont have to go anywhere to work. its in the other spare room. thats good for many reasons. i can now sell crap and when i want to sleep i can go 20 feet away and watch mtv.

another yaaaaa

since august i have had 4 haircuts. before that i had 1 in 2 years. ya so what the hell.
i cant seem to get it right. and now its really short. last week i went to the $4 shop and the hoe gave me a mullet.
i liked it at the time but my friends have been pointing and snickering. so i had to clean it up some.

i dont care about hair cuts or style, or clothes. i wear t shirts and shorts 365/24/7. thats how sly rolls.

they ask me how i want it cut? i dont give a rats ass, just cut it off. pony tails are hard to groom. i let it get greasy and leave it. put a hat on and cover it up.
so i dont know what to tell them.
just make me look hot.
hook it up.

tomorrow is the race at wheeler. i wonder if i will feel good, since all week i have been out of it and almost sick again. low motivation and not feeling like hammering. that always has different effects and i never know until about 10 mins into a race.

i guess i'll watch tv for 7 more hrs and see what happens.

exciting stuff but thats all i got.

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