Monday, November 27, 2006

snow & sven

mark snowbank says its goin to snow tonight at 4pm. so im hittin the trail on the scalpel with the lights up dry creek in the blizzard.

i might wear shorts, depends on the winds.

if you want to go meet me at the top of bobsled for some mud riding around 6pm. im not wating around for anyone so dont be late.

sven nys is the king of cross, i wonder who his doctor is
and i wish cyclingnews would let me copy their pics. so what the big deal, i want it on my screen saver for a few days but they say hell no.

tree farm went to the world cup and got 25th, i know its about the front row start and you can lose 2 or 3 mins if you are not up there, but he is dang fast and sven put 5 mins on him.

now look at it this way, bart smokes us all, tree farm puts 5 on bg, nys puts 5 on tree farm,
thats only in 1 hour.

that is depressing.

last friday was what they call black friday, the shopping day after thanksgiving.

today they call it cyber monday. when everyone is back at work, supposed to be working but do a lot of online bidding and buying.

i dont see it yet, i have a lot of crap online for sale and im waiting to see if they will buy it all.
i sold some junk but i want to sell it all.

i have my whole apt. jammed full of bike crap and i need to move it out, ship it, sell it.

i dont want it, i dont collect junk i move it,
turn trash to cash.


50 pairs of shoes, 300 jerseys, shelves of bike components, bins and boxes of tires, carbon road forks, bikes in the spare shower, ya its kind of a cluster in here. i need to build a bunk bed, take use of the 9 foot ceilings and put a bike rack under my bed.

buy it now.


SkinnyD said...

I can copy the pics from Cyclingnews by using Firefox. It may not be the first option for tech savvy browsers, but hey, if it lets you sneak by their securiity and get the pics you love then its all good

flahute said...
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flahute said...

And if you can read HTML, you can figure them out as well.

Bart G said...

tree farm broke his seatpost again, must be to long.

Gary said...

Wont be the same with out old Mark. atleast we will still have Kevin Snowbank. Wednesday night will be tearful watching Marks last show.