Thursday, November 02, 2006

for all you vegan vegetarian freaks

just for sager.

you guys or gals need to eat a steak.


Mistress Julie said...

Sager is looking at the walls and dreaming "what if I ate a steak?"

Anonymous said...

Husla, you haven't lived till you've had tederloin of tofurkey. It's like processed soy, only more like turkey...damn that's good vittles....and when I get done with that I chase it with a little soy milk and some estrovent for good measure. You're not a proper vagitarian uless you can itch your balls and neck at the same time :-0

Gary said...

Sly, didn’t Elizabeth teach you anything? Or do just want to go back every six months for more irrigation? That’s it isn’t it. That’s freaky