Friday, May 09, 2008

hammer down

i hooked up the new tires posted below and took them out for a test ride. it was super fast.
also i took out the seals on the rear hub, on 4 bearings. seals pop out and then i sprayed t9 in there. same with the lefty bearings. those wheels spin forever.
the bb30 ceramic bearings were sluggish so i sprayed some t9 in there too.
i ordered some ceramic lefty hub bearings and pumped up the tires to 50 psi.
that bike goes a city block with 5 pedal strokes.
oh ya i got some ceramic XO der pulleys $$$ retail $150, oh wow.
a new sram hollow pin chain, sprayed all the grease off it with t9 and this drive train has no drag at all.
if you want to test the drag/friction on your drive train put it in the big ring and rear mid cog and kick the pedal/freewheel backwards, if it doesnt go over 3 times/spinning around backwards, without stopping you have a lot of wasted energy.
like gummed up chain and pulleys or too much grease in your bb. also spin your wheels, by hand. if they dont go for over 5 seconds with out stopping you need to do some kind of maintenance.
predictions for tomorrows mud flat massacre?
if i had a start list i could do better, but whats wrong with last week? alex, dave w. and bart. top 3, dont know the order. but last year alex flatted and got 2nd. but the race was in june.
im waitin for kday, bz and rico to come into form and be the dark horse.
i've been informed that bart flatted last year and alex won, and alex won today anyway, i wonder if bart flatted


Bart G said...

last year bart flatted while leading and alex won

Team Rico said...

I got waxed !