Sunday, May 11, 2008

husle the dh with prime rib

i thought about doing this for awhile so i thought i would give it a try. i dont think im the best, but i have a few things to show beginners or sport class riders, especially if you are timid on the dh and dont know a few tricks i have learned over the years. my problem is trying to put actions into words. lean here, brake here, weight balance, gear selection, visualization, confidence and intention. etc.

i might have to practice being an instructor but im sure i can.

in the past a few girls, have asked me and mark, married girls, bobs wife, andys wife ? maybe, nancy, teresa, i think. i cant remember all if they wanted an instructor. but i'll have you passin kathy on the dh in no time.

so i think i would say your first 2 hr ride/lesson is free and if you like it and want more i have to take you to the bank. or if you sweet talk me you might get a few rides for free.

2 hr ride will involve some uphill riding to get to the dh and a few runs on local dh tracks.

so if you want to know some secrets to pick up some time on the dh email me.

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