Friday, May 30, 2008

sundance prediction

pro race tomorrow, sorry ag. i have to go with mitch on this one. but if alex does win im giving him $20 bucks for gas.

1 mitch
2 alex
3 rock crawler holley
4 bart
5 dave welsh

that junior from revolution/devo is the dark horse. i dont know him but hes only 18 and hauls ass.

and bart has strep throat so i down graded him to 4th. if he wins i'll give him $20 for diapers.


tynelson said...

ag all the way - he's pissed about wednesday's flat!

ag said...

nice picks online mtb bookie. you owe me half your earnings for throwing the race! ha ha, no way. didn't have it today- but you knew that...

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

i wish i could have picked you, but mitch is on fire. 30 seconds isnt bad. keep up the big ring.

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