Tuesday, May 20, 2008

EBAY FEEDBACK the greatest thing since the model T?

in short, ebays new feedback policy is very very very lame.

it went into effect yesterday. already i see how much of a massive mistake this is.
I cant put into words how stupid this new policy is, and how disappointed i am for what this means to the seller community.

this is so terrible its like katrina, tsunami phuket, aliens landing and china earthquake.

this is along the lines of giving pedestrians the right of way to walk across the freeway when ever they want.

that is a whole other story i might get into later. hand holding the timid and weak so they feel warm and fuzzy inside.

lets take all responsibility away from them, the buyers and make it so overwhelmingly safe for them,... pedestrians/buyers, that they dont have to use any brain power to decide on their own whats right and wrong.

i dont know any way else to put it, i am very very very disgusted with the new ebay policy and i am currently looking for a new job.

you might see me at wild oats as your cashier.

for more info on ebays new policy read here.

****Sellers can no longer leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers.
Buyers should leave honest Feedback without the fear of receiving negative or neutral ratings****

Feedback changes - May 2008

eBay's Feedback system continues to evolve as the community and marketplace dynamics change.

The eBay Feedback system was originally designed to provide a simple, honest, accurate record of the buyer's and seller's online experience to ensure safe and satisfactory trade. It was driven by the belief that through a transparent reputation system, members could hold each other accountable. Over time, we found that the transparency of the Feedback system made some buyers reluctant to hold sellers accountable. For example, buyers fear retaliatory Feedback from sellers if they leave a negative

Therefore, we've made a number of changes to eBay's Feedback system to continue to improve accuracy and accountability. These changes should help to differentiate and reward sellers who provide a positive buying experience on eBay.


Nerd On A Bike said...

Hmmm....that is pretty lame. Pretty much just opens the door to buyers doing what they want with no recourse.
I've been waffleing back and forth between Ebay and MTBR to sell my used bike gear, albeit no where near the volume you work with...maybe 15-20 things a year.... It's sixes. MTBR has no safeguards from all the scammers sending you email 24/7-which I don't seem to get from Ebay. But Ebay can be more expensive than just dishing out the $2 for a 30 day ad on MTBR...and now this.

Sounds to me like a bit of over hyper-sensitivity...as if the feedback is an insult or whatever.

Craig'slist is a bit of a crap shoot as it's not user friendly to browse for stuff out of state......

BTW....I prefer plastic and please don't put the jar of tomato sauce on top of the bananas.

That sucks.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

it is hyper-sensitivity, to the extreme. i cant write an email reply with out brown nosing a buyer about a complaint and i get flamed.

complaints like,

hes rude
it was 2 days late for my "big ride"

it has a scratch

it (mail)got stolen off my porch

its broken, wheres my refund

its a smashed poster, where my refund

your description said it came in a package, wheres the package?

and the best complaint,

my screen showed it white, your jersey is tan

now i dont kiss ass, brown nose and bend over backwards, lose money and time and its going to cost me.

B-Horn said...

Looks like some corporate bean counter mentioned in the last meeting that "we might able to increase sales a bit, if we hold the buyer harmless." Sly you know that old business saying you that you were taught by dad when you bought your first car, "seller beware!"

Frenchy aka Bike Boy said...

It is going to make the small sellers go away (who sell the cool and interesting stuff...not just bike stuff but music and videos etc) and make the bigger stores flourish (Nashbar for example)...all around it sucks. I think they willhave to go back and change the rules again because they are going to lose so many quality sellers to other auction sites.
f-eGay forever!