Wednesday, May 14, 2008

golfing with jones and bz

at least we know jones has a back up job on the pga tour.

my race predictions might be premature, but thats the name of the game. i go big, on and off the trail.

ok that sounds cocky, some cant take my dry sense of humor.

anyway i need a start list to make an accurate prediction. other than lining up or seeing whos there first hand.

brad pilling hasnt raced much, i dont know what his deal is. maybe hes on the road. he wont call me back. and his side kick abbot, i think he needs to ride for fun more and it will click.

chad harris is taller than racer and faster than chucky, i skipped him. hes probably the true dark horse, mitchel is a euro pro now so who knows where hes racing this week. and the other local heber fave brandon f. he shows up to every race year after year hankerin for a beat down like a meth addict.

oh then there is chucky, hes a globe trotter these days. last month he hit 9 countries in 17 days and didnt ride the whole time. anyway hes in sydney this week. he rides twice a month and gets top 10's still. the bikers edge trio jake, jonny and nate, the samurai needs to upgrade to pro, hes a sandbagger.

if one looks at the results you will see a few newer names pop up into the top ten here and there, taylor foss, quin bingham,
so i will work on a new top 5, i might shift them around a bit. i need to meditate on this and gaze into the future.
if shannon b. can keep his tires pumped up you might see a break through ride. oh ya and the youngest gibson is back from kentucky so he might show up.
but who knows cuz i dont have a start list

the misses just bought one of these, she said i could drive it. besides, she owes me. she needs some defensive messenger lessons from the pro.

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StupidBike said...

BP is in, I predict top 5, crusher. I got inside wattage info :)