Thursday, May 15, 2008

happy valley

i was thinking about why so many multi level companies come from happy valley
for those that read this and dont know about provo i would like to take this time to educate a bit about the small secluded town of provo utah. located next to the utah lake, the small twin of the great salt lake. nestled in a valley between the lake and the high timpanogos wasatch 11,000 foot high range. it goes steep quick, in a valley they call happy.
about 40 miles south of the big city SLC on I-15, its home to BYU, and many LDS families. named after a fur trapper named provost
multi level marketing companies, too many to name but including nu skin, xango, tahitian noni and mona vie.
these people eat up that concept for some reason.
home to the brothers gillespie and their parents. raising them on good moral values and hard labor on the peach farm.
turbo and family,
the brothers gibson are not native to provo but soon after leaving the nest they migrated to this conservative LDS community.
epic adam, kanyon kris, holley riding, the list goes on and on. too many bikers to list. lots of normal people and ron lindley the super D inventor.
the utah cyclocross founder chippo is from provo too. ronnie price on the jazz went to a small college in orem, a suburb of provo.
so i am wondering today why all this comes from a small town in utah.
i dont know.
there are many others/ things to list but you get the idea


KanyonKris said...

I live in the UV, it has plenty of quirks. Quirks that would really annoy some people. But it has good stuff too. Just like any place. I dig all the local MTB trails.

MLMs are weird. Why would I want to sell stuff to my family and friends? My acid test is: Is the product good and can you just sell it and make a living without signing up other people? Guess how many pass the test?

Eat Sleep MTB said...

I live in PG, and I was at the Home Depot in Orem. Some dude totally started picking up on me. I thought, that's cool, I just moved from SF, if I was gay I would probaby cruze for a piece of ass at the Home Depot. Then he tells me that he has a personal finance business, and he is looking for some "leaders". Dude, I haven't shaven in weeks (except my legs), I am practically in pajamas, looking for parts to fix my toilet. How did he deduce that I was a finance leader?