Tuesday, May 06, 2008

climb um jones the utah legend

and remembering the good times with this old gem... ah the memories.

do you remember the times...

when bart didnt ever win,

or climb-um would show up hung over and win by 5 mins or 10....

or when he got 7th at deer valley norba when steve larsen won?

or when the chicken got the best of him at junior worlds in 1992?

yes, then there is the halloween party at the compound 2006.

flahute said...
Famous and retired? Must be Marty Jemison.
6:37 PM
Racing Green said...
A hint or two, never associated with a doping scandel and domestic racing.
6:58 AM
flahute said...
Louder is still racing, and was Euro for awhile.Burke is still racing.Turbo is still racing, although not as a pro anymore.Jemison was caught up in the USPS/Armstrong scandal.Are we talking road or mountain here?
10:29 AM
Racing Green said...
mtn is the sport and sly fox frequently mentions a body part.
8:19 PM
flahute said...
Glen Adams?
10:01 PM
primetime formerly known as slyfox said...
eric jones, you cant block me from the game? unfair!i dont flahute knows him, steve wasnt in town when he used to beat bart every weekend, and sager.
9:54 PM
flahute said...
I didn't know that Climb-um was a pro ... thought he, like Sly and Bart were "semi-pro" ... and what's the body part involved?Sly ... I've been in the 801 for 6 years now ... went to several ICUPs in 2005 to support the Cutthroat team by "guarding" the beer, and I seem to remember Eric standing atop the podium more than Bart, when they were both wearing the Biogen purple.
6:17 AM
Racing Green said...
Come on Cris it's my game I can exclude you...Next time i'm in SLC I'll give a prize to both of you (june or july). Eric had a few years there where he was getting paid, not to mention representing at the world championships in 92 (or 93) and 96 and a partial Euro world cup season in 2001 (where he made the velonews what's hot list)
2:27 PM
primetime formerly known as slyfox said...
6 years, so 2002. if you did watch the races back then, not saying you didnt or trying to start when you did, but even before that, 1991 to 2001 ej was pretty good, mostly undefeatable from 98 to 04, in utah. he did good in 05 and 06 but not to the extent of 98 to 03. top 15's at norbas, a few top 10's at high mtn norbas and almost every utah mtn bike race from june to august.

climb-um the legend.

RIP 2007.
a big ass pair of calves, rest in peace.
disclaimer: i read this, again, and it sounds like an obituary. its not. hes alive and in hiding. drivin brown and engaged to susy Q.

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Racing Green said...

Not to mention big changes coming for ej in the near future...causing me to miss races in colorado to come to utah to see him.