Thursday, May 08, 2008

tires for rico, and you too

ALL NON UST TIRES!!!!!!!!! tubeless tires suck, stans rules, tubes suck too, they are for kids with training wheels.

with normal NON UST standard tires.
i am god, what i say is law.

the best front tire ever,

too bad they dont make it anymore, just like many others that are extinct.

like farmer john...

inspired by the tomes in 1988

i found this long lost friend in san fran last week.

sweet tire, 1.7" wcs ritchey zmax carbon. lite weight, good front or rear.

sworks dirt baldy doesnt last long but works good in the rear, pretty lite and kind of wide for a 1.9"

for smooth trail riding with minimal rocks maxxis 310. not for every course, works good at sea otter (smooth) and park city deer valley, sundance or other steep courses

ritchey zmin 1.7" usually run it rear but i tried it up front, its ok but not perfect.

sager is a tire guru, he knows whats up but his post is biased based on sponsorship. im not saying hes lying, but there is a conflict of interest. good post, honest, to a point. i agree with it too, so if that makes sense take it for what its worth.

other wise these are sweet tires i ride, so indulge.

keep in mind im not sponsored. i dont have to ride anything, or brand. whats on my bike is there cuz i like it. i like it so much i use it. so next time you see me or my bike dont ask me "do you like that tire, grip, lefty, whatever" its my pet peeve, and quite annoying.

its pretty self explanatory i like it or it wouldnt be there.

please think of another question that involves a little more brain power.

thank you


and remember UST tires suck, they are heavy and heavy, and pretty heavy. if you might need them if you ride around in mine fields, or if you live in iraq.


Epic Adam said...

Do you like UST tires?


primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

i dont like 1 speeds either, but i like you

StupidBike said...

I've been climbing hills relatively fast on those heavy UST's for many years now.

100grams is not as slow as a ripped sidewall

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

dont rip your side wall, and its not a 100 grams, its 300-400 extra.

times 2-3 hrs=tons of extra rotating weight.

and you could have been 40 somethin pro like atrain....

StupidBike said...

calculate the wattage/time/savings for me, do it, do it, do it. I want science, I am sure Bionic Dave has a excel table for such calculations:)

StupidBike said...


If one climbed for 1 hour, saving 1 lb. would gain between 225 and 350 feet (107 m)

More Scientific

73kg bike and rider on 8.2% Climb for an hour expends 1409 Kilojoules
70kg bike and rider on 8.2% Climb for an hour expends 1351 Kilojoules

The difference is a whole 58Kj, in other words, go to the bathroom before you race.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

1 pound of dead weight is equal to 5 pounds of rotating weight. thats why its common knowledge to have a light wheelset. especially on the end of the lever, the tires.

StupidBike said...

My calculation that is most important to me though is;

Is 58Kj or 350 feet per hour greater than time spent sealing tires and potential flats and buying new tires.

For me the answer is no, for you it is yes.

StupidBike said...

and to clarify. While accelerating, rotational weight counts Approximately twice as much as dead weight, dependent upon how much weight is on the outside of the circle (Tire), but, while climbing it all counts the same. So says physics. One Persons Flavor-Aid is the next persons nectar.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

your calculations are off, its not 350 feet an hour. its more like 3or 4 mins faster per hour. if you had a proper equation you would see my point and see the value you and 99% of others are missing. if anyone cares about it any way. plus its not the time and money you save sealing tires, its the time and money one wastes training and buying bikes, expensive bikes, equipment and travel to ones race.

this is all speculative on if you care on doing good at an event. if you dont then disregard my info and continue on your marry way.

it boggles me that one/anyone would ride for an event, train hours a week, spend big money on every thing and disregard such a big obstacle as the above topic.

thats all
my point is to educate this topic, what i know about it. let one choose their equipment with the knowledge known they could be 5 to 10 mins faster per race over 2 hrs if they have the skill and know how to ride such equipment. if it wasnt a big deal everyone would be riding huffys with steel rims and brass nipples

its a risk,

but what isnt

StupidBike said...

lighter equals faster, rotational weight is more important than non rotational, you are right, but as the blown dt swiss carbon shock proves, it has its risks and limitations.

How much faster is subject to debate. I am not a scientist, but i can search science on the internets :)

Boggle is a fun party game. I'm 40, I race the ICUP for fun, not glory. Well maybe glory and ribbons

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

i rode a dt swiss shock for 2 months and it didnt blow, maybe thats the same reason i dont blow up non ust tires. some call it luck, i say pick your lines well and flow.

Forrest said...

I didnt know god had a mullet. Do you really like those shorts you wear? Do you have a clothing and hair product sponsor?

Team Rico said...

Excellent post Sly. I am gonnna start diggin for some old Specialized rubbers. The lighter the better as long as it can hold up and grip the trail. Its good to have veteran racers like you and Bart, that know what's up.

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION! SPECIALIZED DIRT CONTROL BEST FRONT AND BACK TIRE EVER. I always ran those directional and everyone thought I was crazy. I'd do it in a heart beat now if I only had pair.

drrna said...

Julien rides Hutchinson Python AirLights, so do I.

Light, good grip, Stan's

Yeah, I got a flat last week, but that was because my tire was old.

Andy H. said...

2nd the Pythons, been running them for years 26er now 29er. Crazy edge hold even in the loose for a light, fast low pro tire. Hutch rubber is the stickiest. Wear pretty fast though. They also have 5 different options for casing thickness/bead strength to suit your tolerance for weight vs risk.