Thursday, May 22, 2008

salt lake today yosemiteee tomorrow

i spell how i want, it looks better than yo sa mite. sounds like veg a mite.

well here in the big city it was 95* 30 hrs ago. i tried riding to the p.o. that is about a mile. and i barely made it home, it was hottest since last august. then about 7 hrs ago around 5pm i got off my lazy ass and went out for a ride. i had a hoody and my timbuk2 bag. i was ridin around in my middle ring. really its a granny gear. 2x9 i dont have a granny. which by the way, on some days is like real hard not to use. i just slow the rpms down to 30 in the 44t and cross it up like tinker.

i was up by the zoo and ridin real slow, i was figuring out how to ride slow. i never ride slow. i dont know how. i just pin it and hammer. thats why im tired and fried all the time.

well nobody was riding today i guess they thought it was muddy. it rained all night and morning its like 50 degrees now. its nice out, its green, its cool, its cloudy. for a few hrs i was out i only saw 5 bikers and i knew 2 of them, jen hanks was out riding solo.

so im chilling in the green bushes taking this pic. stretching my super tight hammys and no one is around. the trail is not muddy, its just right. a ripper.

until chippo comes by and ruins my day. makes me try to drop him. hes slow, im slow. that just got ugly.

i cant ever ride slow, when i am slow i cant go slow. if that makes sense.
people want to go ride, i dont hate.
i just like to go alone.
most the time, 99% of the time.
but almost every time i go up into the hills i run into someone i know. and they want to shred.
bz wants to shred,
wild rose 1 speeders, chippo, beagle, rico, team blue, kday, and alex.
ok you get the picture. but im not fast any more. the slow pace of a racer is me pinning it to keep up. i cant ride slow still so i ride alone.
i dont like to pin it to keep up so dont pass me and drop me cuz im over the hill.

the bad thing about the scalpel is only has 1 bottle mount.?? dont know why. but for me thats fine. i dont need 2.

chippo needs 4, he's into long marathon type shit and drinks a gallon an hour. so hes testing this new mounting set up. it doesnt work.

get a camel back.

check out the jacket and pants. its like 50 degrees. like i said, yesterday it was 95. and it snowed a foot up at alta.

i wonder if forrest is going to poach it

ok im going to yosemite for the weekend, and north bay, mill valley, sausalito, etc. more picture blogs coming. the tioga pass is open, it opened yesterday, so i will be watching for bigfoot, and a wild bear.


Indohran said...

You are slow. You couldnt even drop me on the DH. It was that crappy tire you had. Sliddin out all over the place. Small Blocks where hookin up and weigh 460. Camelbak's suck. That Bottle mount didnt work either. Back to the drawing board.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

ya well youre a crappy blogger

flahute said...

Wish I'd paid attention and knew the MV bike swap was coming up ... I would have considered poachin' a ride with you back home to check in.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

you cant be the 3rd wheel on our honey moon

Nerd On A Bike said...

I remember once that one of our Drill Sergeants yelled at one of the fat guys that he 'Moved like pond water.'
I wasn't the fat guy, quite the opposite, but if I were to slow it down anymore I too would be 'moving like pond water.'
So I just live vicariously through the Blogs of the fast one's. Thanks, I feel so much better about myself now.

Run Forrest, Run!

Forrest said...

Yaaaa, 90+ one day and I was suffering on my commute home and 17inches of new today, only in Utah. I am headed race when there is still pow to be had!