Monday, May 05, 2008

central park

we spent the morning sleeping. then decided to get up and go to central park. it was a nice spring day in the big city. we walked a lot. went into the park and walked some more.

there are always lots of road bikers in the park. i wanted to shred in traffic but it didnt happen, oh well.

i thought i saw lance ride by, there was a big commotion and it wizzed by. maybe he did a big bike tour sunday, ?? dont know but i should have done that too. some big city tour i dont know the name of it but it looked mellow.

but i spotted pockets louder on the plane from newark to slc. comin back from romandie. thats weird.

delta has tv's on the back of the seat, so i got to watch nba and no deal in filopino land.

i was in an elevator with a usada chapparone?

i asked if i could take the picture of the lanyard and badge. she quickly said(snapped!) no and flipped it over.

you think the elevator is awkward without saying a thing, looking at your toes, ... think again.

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Aaron Smith said...

Looks like you may have been right about seeing L.A. in Central Park: