Sunday, May 04, 2008

boat touring

i got dragged around town today, again. i cant walk far before my dogs start barking.

slc is pretty clean compared to the big city. im a sheltered guy from the desert.

cant take the city life.

since t bird doesnt blog, when he does he never says how the race went i'll do it for him.

and check out the gila monster win. if you dont know how hard the monster is, its 100 miles, 12,000 or so feet of climbing, and the last 45 mins is uphill, like snowbird steep and just about as long.

my other race prediction: off a bit, i posted tbirds link on the right here ---------------------->
a few weeks ago.
well he won the monster. ok technically the guy sat on and didnt let him take the overall, so he won the stage and 2nd is ok by me so im not complaining.
this was from today, got it off velo.

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Genericyclist said...

The Bird flyin' on a Pinnie! Not bad at all.