Thursday, May 08, 2008

from dastrup, did you try this?

this is what it feels like when i get back from vegas.

this video below, in utah, by some conservative friends i have could be considered "R" rated so if you are offended by "R" rated material, dont play it. its not visually bad, the lyrics i find funny, but some might not.

consider your self warned

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Gary said...

No and I am not following the Jazz either. But that was being sent around work and heard that the Jazz got a ball stompping. I thought you would like it as you folow the Jazz for some reason. The Vegas analogy is a good use for that as well. Or if you need a good laughing.

I like the Kendas for the three off road rides I do on my mountain bike.

Old school tires I liked were the Specialized Ground Control front and the Continental Baja on the back. Or both front and back if you wanted.