Saturday, May 24, 2008

its time for a name change

i have not changed my name for a few months so i was thinkin about dropping prime time, sly, husla, slurrrr, etc. i've been on the www. for the past few hrs. on you tube, stayin up late. reading and watching a lot about 9-11, ventura, government scams and the such.

so maybe my new name should be conspiracy fox. theres no ring to it, its kind of boring and im tired so dont hold me to it.

i need to hit the hay since im gettin up early in about 3 hrs to head on in to mtn. tam. we are spending the night in sac town. by the way this town is a shit hole. i digress, but any way a few weeks ago when we were in the big city, nyc i stopped by the big pit of what was world trade. i was there about 5 yrs ago and its the same big hole. there were some , well a lot of protesters there along with hot dog carts, bag ladies and tourists.

they handed me a flier, an inside job flier and i grabbed it. checked it out and over the years i've heard some of the claims about 911 was staged to gain support for a war. any how its a long story and i agree with it all. it staged and its a con, bush sucks bla bla bla.

its kind of old news, wake up and smell the bacon. same crap different day. then im watching ventura you tubes about 911, i saw about 40 different ones on you tube. videos of the that day, pentagon missiles, fbi stealing gas station videos from the pentagon surrounding neighborhoods. its all on the web for you to see.
but alas most people have lives, dont blog all day, dont want to think they are lied to, dont want to think that things like this happen. maybe things like bush will have the first 3rd term EVER. based on a national "emergency" i hope not, but we'll see.

so heres 1 more video. hope you guys can check it out. i wanted to write something about 911 since i was in nyc early this month but didnt know the time or how. so here it is and tomorrow im sure i will be back to the same lame posts and pics of my travels with superficial content and bragging how i jet set the country in search of used bike parts for pennies on the dollar.

check back soon,
i know you will


flahute said...

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was not only elected to a third term, but to a fourth. He died about 3 months into his fourth term.

After that, the 22nd Amendment, which placed a Constitutional limit on how much time a President can serve was passed.

Until FDR, the two-term limit was tradition, but not law.

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