Tuesday, May 13, 2008

feelin good goin early

the online mtb booky thinks the race is too early to call but i dont.

heber race saturday, pointin to the fence callin out the top 5 plus a new dark horse

1 dave welsh

2 alex g

3 chris holley

4 bart g

5 k day

dark horse reed wycoff and the 2nd dark horse alan obey if he shows up.
hebers own spannring is retired, too bad.

lets see how that one pans out

bz will flat, rico will cry cuz he thinks hes fat and slow. chippppo might get 7th or 8th.


Team Rico said...

dont call it a comeback

Team Rico said...

if I told you about my blood transfusion and EPO injection would that change the top 5

ag said...

normally i'd like your picks though i bet you didn't know i am battling with a little food poisoning today... that could bump me down a few. quick change your pick and delete this comment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks sly for keeping me in the top 5. I'll see what I can do but it sounds like team rico and alex could change things up.

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

bart is sick, alex ate something bad, rico is doped, kday is scared, hmmm, i better redo this friday night.

i knew the 2 faves were sick so i bumped them down, that fires up bart so i'll probably eat my forecast. since he likes the under dog role

Indohran said...

Im going to be riding the Tandem with Bella at the San Rafeal Swell MTB Festival. But Im honored to have a mention.

tynelson said...

Alex is sandbagging! watch out

primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

ya i bet, he learned that from the beagle. say youre sick then flog everyone. who gets sick every week any way. they are both lying.

Indohran said...

Get off your ass. Quit talkin shit.
Lets see Sly add himself to the start list.
That Rhymed!!!!