Saturday, May 03, 2008

trexlertown to manhattan

$25 delta 2nd bag check charge?

$8 dollar holland tunnel toll
$15 to park the $16 dollar a day rental in your own hotel parking lot
$4 vitamin water on the plane you paid to fly on
$20 bike taxi rickshaw ride that takes 10 mins to walk to
$43 ticket to go up empire state building 80th floor,
you can walk up 6 flights of stairs to get to 86, then pay $15 more for going to the 102nd floor. but they dont tell you this at the bottom.

i said last week, i got to get paid some how, and i need it bad now, got to score some goods.

so i went to the T town bike swap, i cashed in on over 300 items of new clothing and whole pile of parts, now how to get it home?

and was there early. like 6am, thats 4am in utah. and i was up at 2am mst. to make the drive on time. eastern time ok, thats up at 4am, get there about 90 min later, get run off the freeway by crazy ass 18 wheeler drivers, drivin like me i guess, weaving in and out with a long trailer, doing 85 in a 55. maybe this one was amped up on meth at 6am.

anyway i found spiderman, check it out.

looks like i predicted the top 3 at 5 mile. got the order wrong. but i said dont count out the beagle. i think he likes the underdog roll any way. plays down his training and pretends hes sick all the time. my ideas about that are totally backwards. talk smack act tough then get shelled.

watch out for ag and dw, those guys can climb when it gets steep in about a month.

i should be a online mtb race predicter booky.

my pedometer says i walked 19,000 steps today. it also says i used 1000 calories. thats good cuz i had a lot of pizza and chocolate.

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