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the trick to change

The Trick To Change

You've heard the phrase "what we resist, persists." It means whatever we push against, we actually empower and continue to create.

Which, we know, right? This isn't the first time we've heard that releasing resistance is key to letting the good stuff in. But do we practice it?

It surprised me recently to discover how much resistance I still engage in my own life. (And I'm a pro at this!)

Let's look:
If you're ready to manifest romance in your life, how do you feel about being single? (Do you appreciate it, or are you going to scream if you have to attend one more wedding without a date?)

If you're tired of living paycheck to paycheck, wanting financial abundance, how do you feel about your debt? (Discouraged, resentful, or at peace?)

If your desire is to lose weight or get healthier, how do you feel about your body now? (Like something needs changing, or have you made friends with it?)
Loving the very thing we want to be different can be a pretty good trick, huh? I mean, if I truly loved these hips of mine I wouldn't be wishing them smaller.

But until I do love these hips - or at least get neutral about them, they're not going anywhere. We find ourselves stuck in the very thing we wanted to change.

Because as long as we don't like it, or look at it as wrong or bad, we are in resistance. And that resistance creates MORE of the same. More big hips, more lonely nights, more financial shortage.

So if you're convinced that needing things to change actually prevents them from doing so, the next question becomes how to let go of that resistance. That is, how to get okay with something you are definitely NOT okay with.

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Tips & Tricks: Releasing Resistance
Here's what I've learned through my own and clients' experiences when it comes to releasing resistance: you can't fool the Universe.

You can pretend to be in love with your single lifestyle. You can try to make peace with mounting debt. You can say affirmations about loving your body ... but until you really DO (make peace and love), Universe isn't budging.

Because it can only answer what you vibrate. So if you're flowing "I gotta make more money" or "I need to drop some weight" or "I'm tired of waking up alone," that need for change is what keeps change from happening.

Did you catch that? It's subtle, but big.

So how do you vibrate no resistance? There's only one way: that's to actually let it go. To release your need for change.

Which means making peace with what is - for real. No pretending or faking will do.

The goal is to get okay with the fact that someone owes us money and isn't paying; to be able to truly smile when we see our gorgeous bodies reflected in the mirror; to learn to enjoy life and ourselves now - without needing something to change first.

That acceptance is exactly what signals Universe for the change!

That doesn't mean you have to let go of desires. It just means you want to get to a place of enjoying what is and eager for what's next. Flowing the desire for something new along with accepting present circumstances.

"Happy on the way" is the way Abraham puts it.

It helps if you just learn to focus more on what does make you happy, and less on what doesn't. That refocus itself is a big vibe-shifter, and the reason that a commitment to "feeling good" works so well.

(For those of you who'd like professional support in mastering the balance between acceptance of "reality" and desire for change, feel free to shoot me a note.)

Fun Resources

Cool new e-book coming out next week - mine! Stay tuned and I'll let you know how to get your hands on an in-depth description of my hands down favorite and most powerful manifesting technique, which I've found most people have never even heard of (let alone practiced)!

In the meantime, my fab friend Mark Romero is up to more cool stuff. Check his latest work out on You Tube. (His 20 minute Tranquility piece recently triggered one of my most incredible connections to Source!)

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