Thursday, May 15, 2008

ripped up bbq alley

fatty said thats the new 08 jersey, nobody has one yet, except him.

if you are going to the draper stan crane race next --next monday, the 26th you will shred the bbq alley. its laced with nails, dogs and kids. with some family cookin in the backyards.

i ripped down that today, and clarks, and jacobs ladder.

i had never been down the ladder dh,

and i didnt go crazy fast but i smoked brads time at 3:32 or so.

next week i will dominate that dh with different tires and some memory knowledge for a sub 3 min on on the scalpel.

i met up with krispy, marky mark and lovely, then up the dirt road we saw fatty so he rolled up to the ladder with us and burned another lap.

thats how you roll dork style, flying blind on maxxis 310 rear. by the time i got home that was almost 3 hrs. i havnt ridden that long for about 4 months. so really the perception is 9 hrs. so i will submit 9 hrs shammy time in the monthly log... cuz its all about perception.


UtRider said...

Post the video of bbq alley.

KanyonKris said...

Ya, that video was sweet.

Nice pic of the McMansions. That "house" is crazy with, what, 4 turrets?

Good day, good ride.

KanyonKris said...

The video looked great on your phone, but crap on YouTube - huh? Still a good vid.

bradkeyes said...

3:45, I meant 2:45. Slowpoke!

bradkeyes said...

3:45, I meant 2:45. Slowpoke!