Friday, May 23, 2008

about that dropping resistance thing

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Tuesday's ezine about "The Trick to Change" (releasing resistance) struck a chord with readers - you sent the most responses I've ever received!
You made it clear I'm not the only one who considers letting go of resistance a challenging practice.
By asking for more solutions about how to release the need for change, you showed me it's more of a hangup for folks than I realized.

* * *

Although that shouldn't surprise me, as I recently found myself pushing against.

I know firsthand how easy it is to slip into resistance even when we know better.
My recent example is my e-book. It's been a familiar repeat on my monthly intention list while I waited for "feel good" inspiration to fuel the project.
Inspiration finally hit after flying to Oprah's (my blog readers know that story) to talk about my favorite manifesting technique and even more so since Jack Canfield's "Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction" included my story about it.
* * *
It gave me huge enthusiasm for writing this e-book once and for all!

* * *
Which turns out was the easy part.
My frustration started when I didn't know what to do next to get it in your hands. (Editing, formatting, a cover, launching, delivery, shopping carts - not my cup of tea!)
So I hired four - count 'em, FOUR - different professionals to do the work for me.
But hiring it out while still flowing frustration about how long it's taking apparently isn't a formula for success. (Were you way ahead of me on that one?)
With each person I hired, we stalled for one reason or another. Lots of wheel spinning; little progress. (And these are highly qualified people!)
Eventually I realized it wasn't them, it was me.
Or rather, my vibe.
My energy wasn't lined up - I was still in the frustrated vibe, aka Resistance City. (Anything that doesn't feel good is resistance.)
So here's how I got the energy lined up (and how you can, too):
I made peace that it's taken this long and reminded myself everything happens in perfect timing.
I remembered my feel good isn't dependent on the status of this project and that circumstances don't dictate how I feel - I DO.
I laughed at my ability to get my panties in a twist over a fun little e-book.
I loved that I was something of a slow learner on this one. (No beating Self up for anything!)
I appreciated this would make a great example for clients of what NOT to do.
With that negative energy cleared up, it was then easy to connect with good thoughts about having the e-book done and delivered, how proud I was of it, and knowing it would inspire and support you in your successful manifestations.

Guess what happened next?

You know how this works . . .
. . . the next day an old friend, who just happened to be a technical geek/ marketing guru guy emailed me "out of the blue." (Right - "out of the blue" doesn't happen - that was my vibrational escrow flowing in through my newly opened door!)
We had a pleasant brief & friendly conversation and just like that I have a new technical partner who is making it super easy to let it all happen. !!
Sweet, huh?

In fact, as of Thursday morning (May 29th), everything will be in place to offer you this beautiful e-book that answers every question I've ever been asked about my favorite and least well known manifesting technique.
Who loves this Universe?!

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