Wednesday, May 14, 2008

dry creek time trial to city creek

ok whats with all these dirt time trials all over salt lake, draper, orem??
this is an oldy that i started over 10 years ago. i didnt do this time this year, but last may i did. 28mins

if you ride up in salt lake the dry creek climb over across to city creek. its 28 mins flat. start the timer at dry creek canyon at the speed jump entering the trees, its a flying start and it ends at the pond at the mouth of city creek as you exit the final 1 track dh. there are lots of people on this trail and its dangerous to ram everyone so watch out.

28 mins total

splits are 9mins up the climb to the first flat area and the look out to the valley.
20 mins to the bobsled drop in. and finish with 28.

i didnt do the climb the fastest, bz and bart used to just time that climb in 8mins flat to 9mins. im sure they would beat that now so everyone go rip the dry creek climb.

see if you can big ring the whole ride!!

oh ya and i had used to time the bobsled dh, but it was awhile ago so its around 4 mins and it was on the old entrance, the western entrance, im going to go try a new time on the scalpel soon with the new eastern entrance and see how it goes. 4 mins from the top of east to the bottom where the wooden jump goes over the small stream before the little climb at the end. dh only! no super D finish!


Nerd On A Bike said...

The Go-Ride boys hold a DH race down the Bobsled every year. Usually on a Wednesday night. Time to show 'em up in lycra and on a XC bike.
Boo yah!

Team Rico said...

best dirt TT is up Millcreek. Little Water to Dog Lake. Rip it!