Wednesday, January 24, 2007

21- sun-fish-traffic-cement-riding-warm air

my favorite show is on here, the world series of black jack. they are filming it here. i need to get in on that action and just let it rip.

thats all down here in vegas. they have it all. the hilton is packed with cement people. i like riding down town in traffic. i rode around red rock for a few hours then ripped it up in the cars for an hour dicing with taxis and old slow pedestrians. its a good time. ohran says im livin high on the hog but thats the farthest thing from the truth. ya it sounds nice but its not the gravy train like you think. my mental state is more important than a daily grind. i cant take the dark cold gloomy weather. it makes me crazy. i have to get out in sunny warm weather. its not a matter of fun, vacation. its a matter of me going to the loony bin or doing something constructive. so here the thing, last week in madison i scored a big load of clothing. like almost 450 peices of nike bibs, tights, winter wind proof stuff. it just showed up.

i got the deal of the year on it and its going to be my cash cow for the next few months. so if you want to get some cheap nike bibs and stuff check it out over at dales. i sold it all to him. ebay accounts bikewagon and bicyclebarn.

i dont think it will be posted for a few more days so check it out.

you can only ride so many hours a day. then its up to the imagination to fill up the other 21 hrs.
i met up with brandon and bjorn from steins last night. there is also a ski show in town, they were high rollin on the craps tables. too bad they lost their ass.
now its time to ride around lake mead. its about 70 today so have fun in the ice box, or where ever you call home.

oh ya i saw this crash yesterday. pay attention or you will die.

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