Monday, January 22, 2007

mondays are better than fridays

im thinking about changin my name to 70 cent.
20 cent more than fitty.

last night the colts finally made it to the superbowl. that was a kick ass come back.
dont call it a come back i've been here for years. ya gardie owes me 500 bucks. too bad hes a die hard sox and pats fan. pay the piper, the tom brady story is over and its peyton time.

if you want to hear some kick ass music check this out. turn it up and let it get past the dj babble.
sandy should mix umpacast 8 with some fat beats like that.

last night i stayed in the sg area at a friends house. this is like the hood, meth central. at 3am the cops came next door and busted in some guys house screaming and took him down. thats good cuz they were up all night making noise. even after they got him, the others were up all night tweakin on toxic chemicals.

it was like that in tucson last nov when i stayed at tom bodets place, tweakers out in the parking lot at 4am in the cars. its pretty obvious to see they are on something. who the hell sits in 3 cars at 4am dancin around and looking back and forth like its some tecno dance party.
everyone is going to hell in hand basket.
got to get some eggs at the bear paw then im goin to rip some trail.

i wonder when climb-um will be here

Expand your known boundaries. Your heart, mind and spirit are so much bigger than you've given them credit for. Move beyond what you usually know and usually do. Your home base will be there when you return.

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bz said...

whatever happened to weed, LSD, crack, heroin, reds, cocaine, pcp, opium, and speed??? These new chemicals will get you spinning and freakin! Teeth start getting worn down to the nubs and the sh*t starts to blitz-out your nervous system and before you know it, you're damn near a lunactic, running around, techno flow at the motel 6, looking for a car stereo to jack, a neighbor to keep up, a house to play ghetto chef - - all for the escape from a reality that is exactly what has been designed and created by the meth-head. Slay the Bear Claw Poppy dh at 40.. like old times.