Sunday, January 28, 2007

guns, triple AAA, trails and rednecks

only 2 flats, same guy same wheel.

bobby rippin the dh


you know st george is filled with the best. red necks and gun shootin out on the green valley trail system. i almost got hit with shrapnel and ricochet bullets today. i told that fat hoe to get her 6 year old off the hill and she started chasing me down the trail with gun in hand.

time to go. then i roosted out to the bear claw poppy. its really nice weather i didnt see one biker out there all day. they must be at church. it was like 70 today.

yesterday i hooked it up with bobby and the sherwins, got in about 2.5 at jem, then i did some high speed trail shredding in green valley another 2.5 hrs today. its time to sleep, i need some time off so after tomorrow i might take 3 days off and watch tv.

oh ya this morning i was up at the mormon compound the rock cabin , its out in the middle of nowhere new harmony. chillin with his dogs. he went to new zealand for 2 months and i started my van and shut the door. they were still locked and the keys, well are in the van. so shit what do i do now?

the van is running, locked and i got no keys.
maybe should i smash the window? what a mess, the dogs just sit and stare at me as the wind blows up on the mesa.

i left that van running for an hour before the lock guy showed up from cedar.


i think stormin normin rode from hurricane to mesquite and back, 7 hrs on the road.

sounds like hell.

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Anonymous said...

7 hrs. for stormin'....can you imagine how fast he's gonna be! The pro's don't even do that kind of shit!.....hmmm....I wonder why? Long,Long=Slow,S-L-O-W!