Wednesday, January 31, 2007

nba is on the spurs are in town

nothin like sitting around for 3 days watching nba and superbowl commentary shows. yaaa

oh ya, american idol is on.
time to go.

here is something for the train. read the top left corner of the page. ya its hard to stop a trane.
what the hell does that mean

ahh, clean air. well at least for a few more days. good air to race in.

well it snowed just in time for my return. im glad i missed the smog.
i was gone for about 2 weeks, while the haze and shit was socked in. now its time to ride the snow again. get my flow and pin it and the frozen hog, the cold pig. whatever you call it. i hope turbo comes and brings his bag of pain.
maybe sager will race, brandon, and the defending champ.
but i got some bones to pick with those guys and im on fire so bring it.

thats right, prime rib is back and ready to throw down.
classic desert racing. the icup is in 30 days. yes thats right. 30 days.

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