Sunday, January 07, 2007

not really, but

i was up in the red butte rippin around. the snow biking conditions up there right now are primo. if you are into that kind of riding go shred dry creek. its all frozen with no mud. the trails are packed with tons of foot prints and today i was rippin it almost as fast as dirt. lots of traction and no ice. granny ring climbs on friday are big ring today. lots of traction and almost no place to crash. if you have any kind of bike skills you can shred the snowy trails. its slow speed and easy to get warm. plus today it was sunny blue skies.

i did however watch 5 hrs of tv and go to 2 movies so it was a busy day. off week 9 hrs in 7 days.

people keep tellin me to get a hair cut, i think i like the mullet look. its filling in fine. should i buzz cut it or shoot for the mullet mid july?

dont know, hard call.

tomorrow i will be riding up there again, until it warms up or snows again the trails are primo.

i wonder is sager is sick of the beach yet

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