Saturday, January 20, 2007

santos horhay

well im bit behind sked. by time you see this i will be speeding towards warmer weather. in the ice storm. hope i dont pull a sleevie and flip over. tomorrow, if i make it, will be nice with a bunch of guys in a pack. i will sit in the back and not pedal for 4 more hrs.

i got to ride with a bunch of fast guys today, so lets name drop. trek team nick and ross, bart, tommy S from austria and green lantern sager. he spent more time on the phone then he did in the big ring. check out the pics they are sweet.
3 hrs in a blizzard on snow packed trails in jeremy ranch and round valley. base miles for pros is AT training for me.

on another note i found some more good quotes. from someone else here in town. here are a few. i might write more tomorrow.
1. all upsets or problems start at the instant of self-betrayal. all upsets have a beginning, middle and end. all upsets end with the commitment to honor one's truth.
2. people always create just enough pain to finally make the choice. the choice they have been avoiding, that gets them back on track, and resolves the problem.
3. until you stop putting up with what you are currently putting up with, you cannot rise to higher ground, where what you truly want is waiting for you.
4. all problems are self created balls and chains designed to keep us from moving toward our dreams and our success.
5.the pinnacle of productivity is to never work; always play. this may take years to achieve, and happens by learning the disctinction between resist, succumb, and truly choosing. truly choosing transforms all activity from effort, struggle and burden, into effortleess, flow, and play.
good shit straight from the source.
if you can do that you will be anything you want to be.


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UtRider said...

How do you like the new wheels? They look nice.