Monday, January 08, 2007

honing my skills

3 hrs of ripping it up. 1.5 on the road, 1.5 on the snow.

check out the smog. 1 day of sun and thats all it takes for the air to clog up with shit.

ripping the dh all over the east side. red butt, dry creek, city creek, bobsled. scaring the crap out of myself with 2 wheel drifts and tri pods on all corners, slush, mud, rocks and hopefully no hikers.
every second gained on the dh is a second you dont have to sprint uphill. maybe to catch the beagle and jones.
besides this race is coming up and with the luck of the weather man it will be ridable and no running. honing my skills in the snow and ice.

more races coming up are this one, this one, and i hope to get the guys going for this one. cuz if i get the guys i want we will be standing on the top step of the podium. even if climb um is 4 pounds over weight and out of shape.
ya its an early season of racing. peak it out for mid april then i will be fried for the rest of the year. then that lame norba race in phoenix april 1st.
no not really, but we'll see how it goes. i found this pic for sleevie. its an epic.
i guess they dont plow the bike bridge at parleys.

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