Thursday, January 04, 2007

work.. or as they say job, responsibility=gay

my point is my friends say they have to work. their schedule of life is based around their job. i can do this or that when i dont have to go to work.

here is a typical convo.

sly "hey lets go to vegas and ride" insert town or destination, moab, mexico, hawaii, etc.
poor job having bastard "umm oh i cant im poor and dont have any money, so hence i have to stay at my job and be a slave to the clock" or better yet. "i have bills and responsibility so i have to get the foot up the ass from the man"

sly "ok, well that sucks"

poor biker friend of sly "ya it sucks, my life sucks, my job sucks and im pissed i cant go"
well not really, but i can read into peoples minds from time to time and thats the feeling i get.

my point is, screw jobs, work and time consuming crap that doesnt let you go and do what you want when you want.

i know its a balance, everyone needs to work. i do, im not the diddy of mtn biking. although it would be nice.

dont let your lifes work sked control your vacations and trips.
my goal in life is to go and do stuff 2 weeks every month. not 2 weeks every year. i dont want to punch a clock, go to an office or work for some company making them rich in the mean time because i dont know what else to do.

break the addiction.

quit and fly away

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