Sunday, January 21, 2007

video blogger

hi tec video blog, i dont think i know what im doing. it looks like a beginner. any how we did about 3 hrs. it was cold and windy. like pin it at 190 in a head wind goin 8mph. ya good times

tomorrow i will try to improve my on the bike filming tecnique. mtn trails with heavy 2.4" tires. time to rip it.

we were rippin about 60mph down snow canyon with a big tail wind.

check out the train, it got derailled.

oh ya i forgot to tell you to check out my new theme song over at turn it up and crank that shit.


Art said...

You cant stop A Train....

bz said...

then why is the a-train blowing-up on the back???

Art said...

50mph dh with a 40mph crosswind and 6'7" of surface area. do the math on that. too bad he didn't shoot a video on my back side going up the climb, i guess there is no telephoto on the Fox cam. yaaaa