Monday, January 29, 2007

south bound for the beach

sager says hes going to san diego to ride with floyd. well i better do that as well. so today i drove down south for warmer weather and some R&R. chillin on the beach workin on my tan.
there wont be any riding for 3 days. im worn down and need to chill. so i get to stay with laini.
time to go to the movies and eat pizza.

another note, guthrie down town is closed. they sold the building and all the inventory is on the move.
but there still is the one at 800 east 2100 south shop.

Some things are hard to understand. Many people that know me don't get why I prefer to work at the bike shop for meager wages over the coffee shop for more than double the money. Or why I have four bikes worth more than a lot of cars and no car. I love bikes. The bike shop is home to my family. I would be there without pay, so any pay is a plus. My better friends -nearly all my friends- are from the bike shop. And this is not at any bike shop, this is Guthrie's downtown. I have worked at other shops, but none have equalled our shop. None have the talent or the heart. None had the enthusiasm or dedication. One man made this possible: Dave Saenz. He took what he was given and created greatness. He made Guthrie's special. There is a reason half the employees have degrees ranging from BS in biology to PhD in physiology-no other in the job ever can meet our needs like Guthrie's was somehow able to. I use to go into Guthrie's 10 years ago and drool over the Y-33, or over Krispy's Karpiel. That shop means more to me than my living grandpa. Today, the shop's floors were ripped out from under us. Like some sort of Black Ops mission, the owner came in and essentially laid off my boss. The man who had given Guthrie's the opportunity to be something special. He hinted that they might be a place for us at the other shop working for him.-Yeah, like I want to work for the man that showed absolutely no respect or loyalty to the man that had run his shop for the last 16 years.- No thanks Rich. He also had the place re-keyed and changed the alarm code. He didn't want to risk having an employee bleed him dry. Maybe, because of the man he is, he has to worry about his employees doing that (even then, I wouldn't imagine it happening)but I would bet everything I own that no matter how disgruntled some of us are, we would never do that. If for the lone reason that it would reflect back to Dave. To the owner we say, "Thanks for the confidence, we knew you cared about us, but this is really flattering."
cross season is over. jp 2nd at worlds. how the hell did that happen????

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Chuck said...

Guthries, with its rich history, belongs in that building. Only someone with no soul would disagree. Dave your the best.