Saturday, January 06, 2007

27 degrees

it was too cold to ride road bikes so i did 2 hrs in the snow. dry creek city creek. i took the scalpel out and it was packed better with more foot traffic. the snow bike with 40 pounds and 5" tires is not much better than the 20 lb scalpel with 1.9" tires. its a trade off, but will take the f/s over a 40 pound rigid steel beast any day.

almost all ridable, rippin the dh full on mach 10. bobsled mixed in with ski tracks. since they dont play rob and big on mtv anymore my new fav show is next and boiling points. i like to watch the nba and nfl playoffs. now its time to eat and go to the movies. oh ya i took slowran out and worked him over. hes hatin it.

since i have never and dont drink coffee or beer maybe i will start when im 40 like ATRAIN.
all you need is to do the dew
this guy looks like alex rock

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