Saturday, January 20, 2007

i figured something out

the trail conditions all week have been perfect. you know its so cold there is no mud. and even the dirt is dry in some spots which is crazy. its hard packed from foot traffic and almost as fast as a normal summer day. the traction on the snow is the best ever. its just the temps. i like my trail conditions like my women. fast and hard.

i had some insight and clarity. im getting the hell out of this ice box. ya today, its about time. but first a snow ride up in pc in a few hours then im south bound.
i figured out i like this town in between april and nov. i know i should ski. i tried that a few years ago i picked it up fast. im no pro but i can get down the hill fast. just go straight and dont hit anyone.
black diamond groomers are my game. now the good part is i ride in snow instead. it feels natural like a mud race. slip slidin around but with no fear and not of control.

i guess i will ride with team old FFUKER tomorrow somewhere in the st. george area.

throw the hammer down on old man dirk and the train.
yesterday was like this. the pics dont do it justice, it was way worse than this shows. there is something obviously wrong with this air. its 2 times over the unhealthful limit for small particulates. but i insist on breathing it. it stings my throat. not like cold air at a high pace. you know what im sayin. JRA. just ridin along, even up on the foothills im still in shit. it goes up to over 7000 feet. so today in pc is the best thing to do.

maybe sager will bring the pain.

or yardman G.

i wish climb-um would start training, hes always a late bloomer.
Moving forward too fast is a dangerous thing, so beware. You wouldn't want to go so quickly that you miss out on a remarkable quiet moment. Today you will have to perform a delicate balance between pursuing your goals and standing still long enough to enjoy the fruit of your labors. Someone needs you to slow down a bit so you can answer some questions. There is no rush to the finish line -- life is a never-ending race, so pace yourself.

so the thing i figured out isnt to leave town. its something else, and its pretty good so i might tell you about it tomorrow.
right brain left brain and my ADD, ADHD, OCD, manic and bi polar disorders. ya i got them all. good times so lets pedal all day and put those good skills to use.

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