Friday, January 26, 2007

master bates = blunt smoke out the nose

these pics are for tmac, since we were chillin in vegas at the cement convention i checked out hoover dam. the dam tour.
they are building a concrete bridge over the canyon. its the 4th largest concrete bridge in the country. its a work in progress as you can see. not much of a span yet. but check it in a year. im sure it will be cool and cut the long wait down to nothing if you drive over the dam.

i got a call from the guys at wild rose, they are comin down and they are bringin the 1 speeds. yaaaaaaaa .
if you go to wild rose ask for jeff bates aka master bates, he can turn a mean wrench.

rippin some trail tomorrow, today i got in 4.5 hrs on the road. gunlock veyo enterprise. well almost up that high. we rode around with 20 guys from canyon plus normie. that means pain. ya everyone is quick and fast for 1.5 hrs then they are blown and thats when i make my move. i wonder if sager is coming down.

maybe we'll get in 5 more hrs tomorrow. i watch the weather and im glad im not at home that weather is depressing. its sunny and warm here, if you have not noticed.

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