Tuesday, January 09, 2007

slushy shit pile

i got home in the dark. i was out way too long today. it hurt me. i was dehydrated, hungry and cold. sweaty and wet, soaked with slush and mud. my filthy scalpel is caked in mud and shit and its on the kitchen floor dripping shit all over the tile.

yaaaaaaaaaa good times.
well after 2 days of 40 to 45 degrees up on the bench my primo snow trails turned to shit. sloggin around in this is demoralizing and it sucks the power out of my legs and low back. the snow is melting or melted and that leaves mud. 2.5 hrs of slogging around in this crap has me drained, cold, depleted and frozen. im not riding tomorrow. i will save that for thursday and next week when the fresh snow comes and its 14 degrees out. but i did skip dinner last night in dedication to the mistress who hasnt eaten anything for 8 days. maybe thats why im so tired.

im going to wisconsin friday to buy mad used parts.. i will be back monday and im not taking a bike so i will have to improvise. watch tv, go ice fishing or just kick it.

i live bikes. i sleep eat and ride bikes. i look at bikes and parts all day. i rip on them, break stuff and wear them out. get them dirty and like to get new ones.
i wonder what would happen if i never had a bike.
i guess i would be married and have kids, be lazy and have a real job. maybe i would be normal.
i dont know but all i do is bikes.
i wonder if anyone else is like me. i have seen a couple but not many.
i wonder is there are any girls out there like me. that would be one f&%&$&# up chick.

i started today out on towards et's home town of shitville magna. it was colder than i thought and i didnt have booties on. that was dumb. i got cold after an hour and picked up the scalpel. i guess they dont plow this bike path at the airport either.

3.5 hrs riding in mud slush and breathing this crap.

how about day 2 of high pressure and shit haze. look how bad it gets in 2 days this is a freaking joke.

they wont post a red burn day for this crap. its not even yellow. and plus its not the fire places making the smog its the lazy ass drivers. how about having a NO DRIVE DAY MANDATORY.

that would clear the shit up right quick but they will never do that.
who in there right mind would ride or walk in the winter let alone the summer.

ya im pissed. look at that smog and i was breathing it today in magna. it gave me a head ache so i headed for the 6,000 solitude of the shoreline.

suck on that for awhile

put that in your pipe and smoke it.
im tired and hungry, good thing massage is at 10am cuz im cooked.

well today didnt kill me, so i guess that means it made me stronger. at least the jazz are kicking dallas ass tonight. some things are better than expected.
audi peace out sly dizzle


Bart G said...

The air at Mtn Dell was crystal clear this morning.

Team Rico said...

They blow all that shit haze out toward us in Ragtown. Too bad I cant escape into the mountains just outside my front door. Maybe one day.....But by then I'll be old and shriveled up in St.George

LyndaW said...

Can you find me a pair of these for my mtb (triple):

Ritchey's, 170mm compact square taper


Old circa '92-'94 Shimno XTR's, 170mm, compact, square taper


Sugino Mighty's, 170mm, compact, square taper

I need compact, 170mm. BB design doesn't matter - square taper, ISIS or Octalink are all good. Any type of crank or bb works if it is low-Q. I'm not fussy... I need the Q 160mm or less

lyndawallenfels@gmail.com or #435-656-1049