Wednesday, January 10, 2007

pretty much the best blogger on the net

sager claims to be the best, so do i, so how does one prove who is the king of the www?

like a race, you line up and pin it. then you crush them with fitness and skill. big ring the climbs and blaze the dh leaving carnage and chaos in your wake.
so i dont have much going on today so im callin out the best blogger on the web. you need more than mega photo blogs and name dropping with the best mtb pros in the country. ya hes flossin and flyin all over the globe jet settin here and there.

but it really comes down to the daily updates and the real live interviews. i lead the league in at least 6 statistical categories. best flow, most consistent, realish stories, most charisma, i set the most trends and my interviews are hotter. holla
so off we go let the trumpets blow cuz that driver of the bentley is a pro.
the ruler is back....jay z. i got the swagger back, the dagger is back.
bounce come on bounce. put me anywhere on gods green earth i'll triple my worth.

its a blog off

i bring heat like june and july


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

cut Trustfunder a break Sly, he obviously feels the need to be the best at *something*