Friday, January 05, 2007

try to hold my wheel

i was rippin the snow dh today. 3 hrs total, i started off on the road bike for an hour it was too cold so i picked up this ride over at contender. thanks to ryan for letting me borrow his surly.

i rode this 40 pound beast around for another 2 hrs in the snow. over by the zoo, red butte, dry creek bobsled. ripped it up, only saw 1 hiker. then got to rip down the bobsled with no tracks or foot prints. these 5" tires with 10 psi rip it up and i was goin big.
maybe tomorrow it will be up to 29, it was 27 today. cold, too cold for me. i got to figure out a plan. i cant take this snow.
i wonder if sager is sick of the beach yet

oh ya i heard my bro sly, stallone, is making rambo 9. i wonder if it will be as good as rocky 13.
good times.

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