Tuesday, January 02, 2007

under cover brother

short and sweet. ya i rested yesterday. rode around town for about 30 mins today. it was cold and i got bored. so tonight i went up big cottonwood and snow shoed around for 1.5 hrs with some crazy bikers. im not going to say who, but they are listed on my page and some are under cover so i cant blow that.
no pics or spectacular sightings of big foot.

im just here in the big city hungry, but i think someone else i know is a lot more focused on that right now.

slowran has a new name. he calls himself cipo, like chippo, as in cipolini the italian former world champ.

i call him chipo the hippo.



flahute said...

I woulda been there if I hadn't been too busy lounging in my PJ's watching television and being a geek.

Mistress Julie said...

beet juice....mmmmmm

only 12 more days...