Monday, January 22, 2007

it was like 60 today

well it said that on my car temp gauge, they call those things thermometers. so i rode some trails in shorts and 2 jerseys. since i was hauling so much ass i had to wear 2 for the dh, or i would get cold.
if you want to ride some where nice come down here. its great jan. weather, not far from the slc. the weather guy is always wrong. or maybe im in the hot part of town.

i tried to make another video today but its kind of hard holding the camera on the dh with rocks every where and trying to brake and not crash. so here you go. dont throw up with all the shaking.

i need to make a helmet cam or something. that would be rad.
ya i just said rad

then after the ride, which i made it about 3 hrs plus. i went to vegas. tmac is in sin city at the cement convention. looks cool, i want to go score some concrete.

i stopped at a casino and cashed in 400 bones. ya i won finally and left that shit hole. this town is built on my broken dreams. so i got a peice back.


Anonymous said...

I agree. you should make a helmet cam. and then you could use a helmet. I know you never ride with one and I'm not exactly sure why. I'm not going to bother you much about it because it's your head, but for some reason I felt impressed to make this comment tonight. Gool luck primetime...

Anonymous said...

Siiiiiiick brooo!