Monday, December 04, 2006

1 orange a day keeps the fat away

ya today was hard core, i rode my bike over to the PO and i was rippin it up. shredding the traffic at 5pm. 10 min ride today, lots of shipping and sold sagers bikes as well for 5 g's.

i just had 1 orange for dinner thats all i have eaten today. at this rate by xmas i'll be back to 150 and flat hauling ass. lets race.

i feel hollow and light. no food makes me feel weird.

time to call elizabeth and get the first colon blow going. gotta keep the pipes shiny.

good times


Anonymous said...

So, yeah, seriously, I don't know how you can do this. If I don't eat breakfast, I am light headed by 9 a.m. and will probably pass out before lunch. And by "breakfast", I don't mean an orange.

flahute said...

Dude ... TMI. Fasting is one thing, but a colon blow?