Saturday, December 09, 2006

sager says i caved in


the mistress raced all the races the whole season and won the points series in "A"
another yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

sager says i caved in, he watched me chowing lunch. it was good, like really good.
ya probably, but i was hurtin. i dare anyone to try what i did this week and then race its all good times, im not complaining, i pretty much expected obviously i would have no energy.
i had some pasta and salad after the race today. 10 more days on oranges and pears ya that sucks but i raced in the mud for an hour today and i didnt have any energy, if you are wondering why read the last weeks posts i have been real hungry.
i didnt have to get off my bike the whole day, i jumped the six pack barrier all day, why?
because i can, its not faster its easier and if everyone could do it, well i think they would.
so i got muddy and raced around in snow and mud for an hour, then ate some food. good times. the smog is gone and it was pretty warm today. nice day and now i have 10 days left to eat fruit.

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