Friday, December 15, 2006

65 degrees december 15th

i have been outside for awhile today. riding around, its time to ride, ya i dont have much energy but i dont care im going out for another 1.5 hrs its super nice and tomorrow its snowing so i hope you guys can get out in this clear warm air.

next week im leaving town for the rest of the year. i got the new road bike ready and im going to be riding a lot more than the last 4 weeks.

i feel pretty good and things are going to be better than expected for the upcoming year.

i knew about this movie for about a year now but i never watched it. its not at block buster so you have to buy it.

its pretty cool so if you dont know about it go buy it, its life changing.

i was thinking i was doing it all along but if pain and suffering come along in your life it means you are off track and need to make an adjustment.

so i adjusted, and things are better. sounds simple, and it is. its all about intention and your thoughts.

enough of yogi sly, im on the road until i bonk.

atrain said he didnt have the watts and got 8th and crispy is leading the other age group class i dont know who won yet so maybe i'll post it later.

i guess crispy was leading the whole race then some guy caught him on the last lap and beat him by 2 inches in the sprint.

thats my age group., i have some work to do since he lapped me at rmr a few months ago.

i was riding up 33rd today over by rei, i found a 20 dollar bill on the side walk.

its better than getting run over by a bus. its going to snow now so im going to go get the 12" tire snow bike.


StupidBike said...

that movie is sitting on my tv stand, Lyna watches it all the time.

Team Rico said...

hey thats my 20 !